Books, Grades 3-8

During a time when the United States government was pushing many American Indian nations off their lands, Chief Oshkosh worked to negotiate treaties that would allow the Menominee to stay in their homeland. He also promoted his people’s traditional forest management practices, known today as sustainable forestry.

Students can explore Chief Oshkosh’s story using the provided short animation and leveled biographies (available in printable or ebook formats). Additional resources including an image gallery, two interactives, and research materials can be found by visiting:

Comprehension questions for Chief Oshkosh’s story are as follows:

  1. What historic events did Chief Oshkosh take part in during his life?
  2. How did Oshkosh become chief of the Menominee?
  3. Describe the Menominee’s and the United States government’s relationship.
  4. What societal pressures on the Menominee existed at the time of the treaty signings?
  5. What is Chief Oshkosh’s legacy?