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Lifting the Nets: Gurnoe Decision
Anishinaabe have hunted, fished, and gathered since time immemorial. Reserved harvest rights were protected and guaranteed through treaties ...
Grades 9-12
The Ways, Waadookodaading: Ojibwe Language Immersion School
Waadookodaading: Ojibwe Language Immersion School tells a story of resilience and revitalization. This video shows how an Ojibwe ...
Grades 6-8, 9-12
Jingle Dancer
Jingle Dancer is a short, picture book that gives learners a contemporary view of an American Indian family ...
Grades K-2, 3-5
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Wisconsin First Nations provides educators and pre-service teachers accurate and authentic educational resources for the teaching of the Native Nations of Wisconsin.


Social Studies teacher Paul Rykken says all subjects can be infused with American Indian perspectives

“Wisconsin is at the epicenter of Indian country…there’s an abundance of history there. If you’re going to teach the American story, this has to be included.”

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American Indian Studies in Wisconsin