Our exemplars are known for their successes teaching and supporting the integration and infusion of American Indian Studies in Wisconsin classrooms. They offer their stories and their curriculum to help build a community of educators who are committed to ​​Wisconsin Native American ​Studies — with or without the requirements of the statutes​ — understanding ​its vital ​role in education and the heritage ​of Wisconsin.

David OConnor

David O'Connor

Madison, Wisconsin

As American Indian Studies Consultant at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, David O’Connor connects with educators to provide support for their understanding of history, culture, and tribal sovereignty.

Jeff Ryan

Prescott, Wisconsin

A social studies teacher at Prescott High School, Jeff Ryan witnessed the challenges faced by Wisconsin’s Native people, which influenced his passion for infusing American Indian Studies in his classroom.

Lori Mueller

Bowler, Wisconsin

A third grade elementary ​teacher at Bowler Elementary School, Lori Mueller partners with the community and connects with the Wisconsin Native nations to teach her students about American Indians.
Paul Rykken

Paul Rykken

Black River Falls, Wisconsin

A former teacher at Black River Falls High School, Paul Rykken is known for his innovative approach in using Culturally Responsive Teaching when integrating American Indian Studies into middle and high school classrooms.

Priscilla Cleveland

Tomah, Wisconsin

A former teacher at Tomah Middle School, Pricilla Cleveland teamed with her school’s social studies committee to develop curriculum to fulfill Wisconsin Act 31 requirements.

Reggie Cadotte

Bayfield, Wisconsin

A former Native American Studies and Ojibwe Language instructor in the Bayfield School District, Reggie Cadotte worked to assist PreK-12 educators with infusing American Indian culture into their everyday teaching.

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