The Ways is a series of stories from Native communities around the central Great Lakes. This online educational resource explores connections between traditional ways and those of today.

The engaging series features tribal communities of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. An interactive map shows story locations and compares treaty lands, reservations, and Native population around the central Great Lakes. The Ways supports educators in meeting the requirements of Wisconsin Act 31, seeking to expand and challenge current understanding of Native identity and communities.

The stories in this series include:

Clan Mother: Healing The Community

Hunting Deer: Sharing the Harvest

Lady Thunderhawks: Leading The Way

Lake Superior Whitefish: Carrying On A Family Tradition

Language Apprentice: Bringing Back the Ho-Chunk Language

Living Language: Menominee Language Revitalization

Manoomin: Food That Grows On The Water

Powwow Trail: Keeping The Beat

Prayers in a Song: Learning Language through Hip-Hop

Spearfishing: A Living History

Waadookodaading: Ojibwe Language Immersion School

Warriors Boxing: Fighting For Our People