Effigy Mounds

“Effigy mounds from the Late Woodland Period (ca. 650 AD to 1200 AD) on the grounds of the Mendota Health Institute in Madison, Wisconsin” by Richard Hurd

Lesson Plans and Resources

In this lesson, students explore effigy mounds in Southern Wisconsin, including their history, location, and types. Students first locate effigy mounds on a map, then create tally charts and pie charts, and lastly write a short story about life as an effigy-builder.

Students can go further with this lesson by investigating the recent controversy of private companies wanting the rights to dig up the effigy mounds. To do so, use your computer’s internet browser to search phrases such as “corporation wants to dig up mounds in Wisconsin.”

This lesson is from Water Panthers, Bears, and Thunderbirds: Exploring Wisconsin’s Effigy Mounds, a student activity book that introduces students to effigy mounds in Wisconsin’s southern counties.