Ogichidaa (“warrior”) Storytellers, supported by the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC), shares the struggle of the Anishinaabe (also known as Ojibwe or Chippewa) to retain treaty reserved harvesting rights throughout the ceded territories of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.

This series for students in grades 6-12 includes six videos, each with educational materials created by GLIFWC, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and Wisconsin Historical Society. The educational materials contain lesson plans, enduring understandings, essential questions, vocabulary words, and extension activities.

The stories in this series include:

Crossing the Line: Tribble Brothers

Every Step: A Healing Circle

Gathering the Pieces: The Jondreau Decision

Lifting the Nets: Gurnoe Decision

(Mikwendaagoziwag) They are Remembered: Sandy Lake

Place of the Pike: Ginoozhekaaning

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